Unique Knitwear Handmade in the UK
Unique Knitwear Handmade in the UK
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About Us

Don’t Bother Grandma brings you unique & personalised knitwear for babies & children handmade in the UK. Our drops of fun freshly knitted & preloved hand knits with crochet embellishments can be personalised; worn to keep a little one cosy; be kept for another new arrival; and be passed on to another family to continue to be loved.

The idea for Don’t Bother Grandma came after all the lovely comments I received from people asking where my children’s knitwear was from (thanks to their grandma/my mum) and it got me thinking how I’d love to make beautiful handcrafted pieces of knitwear accessible and offer a way for hand sourced, preloved knitwear to go on to new homes to continue to be cherished...so here we are!

I hope you like it

Sarah x

Sarah Strickland, creator of Don’t Bother Grandma